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Get to know the E-Tax Invoice system, filing taxes in a new way in the digital age.

2024-06-13 05:03:06

In todays era, we are preparing documents to submit to the Revenue Department regarding taxes To support the Thailand 4.0 and National e-Payment polic

AI can tell your fortune, technology that transcends the boundaries of belief.

2024-06-06 02:05:04

In an era where technology advances quickly Artificial intelligence (AI) has played a role in many aspects of our daily lives. Whether its medicine, education, or entertainment, AI can also take part

Collection of horoscope websites for 2024 Open the book of fortune from 5 great sources that you shouldn't miss.

2024-06-06 01:22:15

Fortune telling is one of the activities that Thai people are very popular with. To find answers about the future and daily decisions in 2024, many websites offer interesting and accurate horoscopes.

Best Cheap Cloud Storage Services in 2024

2024-05-31 02:12:00

Todays cloud service prices are quite high. But if you want to store it on an expensive hard drive It is also difficult to take care of and there are more resources to take care of it. But nowadays th

"Horse Account": A financial trap you may not be aware of.

2024-05-30 09:48:56

In finance and banking, the term horse account is familiar and is often thrown around when discussing money laundering or other illegal financial activities. But for many people, This term may not be

Compare membership system prices Which one is better?

2024-05-28 03:09:25

In this era, everyone wants to have a Tikfa guaranteed to be popular on social media! But which platform should I choose? Today we will delve into two of the most popular services X Premium (from Twit

9 TikTok accounts worth following in 2024 (information from May)

2024-05-24 11:26:00

TikTok, a fast-growing vertical short video platform, has released videos in a variety of genres, including talent shows. Publish news, jokes, and various highlights, and one of them is short, easy-to

Understand TikTok Algoithm 101 to create engaging content with great views.

2024-05-22 11:08:26

TikToks algorithm is powered by AI that learns usage behavior. Like the videos they watch, like, share, and comment on to create For You (FYF) feeds.

Disguised as browser update, stealing banking information, Brokewell Trojan virus

2024-05-02 05:58:07

As reported by ThreatFabric on April 25th, Information has been released about “Brokewell,” a Trojan-style malware that masquerades as an update to Android users browsers like Chrome, allowing hackers

AI assistant devices like Rabbit R1 face heavy criticism, After the first review

2024-05-02 05:54:22

After the launch of the Rabbit R1 at CES earlier this year. There have been more than 10,000 pre-orders with technology that the company defines as Large Action Model (LAM) that can be combined with a

The Future of AR/MR: The Best VR Headsets in 2024

2024-04-11 05:34:50

Since the introduction of Augmented reality (AR) and Mixed reality (MR), there have been many interesting technological developments. that makes the virtual world connected to our world causing rapid

Microsoft is once again under attack by Russian-backed hackers.

2024-03-11 05:30:42

There is a report from Techspot that Microsoft has released a new update regarding nation-state attacks that were revealed in January. Kremlin-backed

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