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5 reasons why you shouldn't use AI to create nude photos - Hidden dangers in the digital world

2024-06-10 03:19:31

In the digital age where technology is advanced. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to create nude images Also known as Deepfake has become a serious problem. According to the news that has been publi

Delve deeper! Different types of AI that you may not have known

2024-06-10 11:37:20

In an era where AI (artificial intelligence) technology advances rapidly, Weve all heard the word AI often, but did you know that different types of AI work in different ways? Today we will take you d

12 Cloud GPU platforms suitable for AI and Big design files

2024-06-04 09:37:55

The advent of AI technology in todays era has brought about a change in lifestyles. The use of AI through websites is becoming more popular. For developers with large AI models, if they want to use AI

10 AI tools for marketing that you can't miss

2024-05-31 03:06:49

One of the hottest technologies during this year is artificial intelligence. It is a hot trend in the present era. It has been adapted for use in many areas, including marketing, which has brought thi

5 AI models for creative manga

2024-05-27 12:01:27

Image creation from AI in this era is widely used in media in many industries where it can generate income. On the other hand, it has created negative

AI and Quantum Computer

2024-05-23 04:40:26

Everyone probably thinks of technology such as artificial intelligence when talking about modern technology today. But going back to a time before this technology was a thing, another technology also

Top 10 AI Basic Blogging Platforms of 2024

2024-05-16 05:33:24

There is always research and applications that use AI to drive new launches. that shows rapid development It is interesting to follow the development of AI research. There are many bloggers who have p

10 books about AI that you should read

2024-05-16 05:13:17

AI technology has a wide impact. Creating ripples in many areas, different ideas and perspectives about this technology are widely shared. Ben Jones, CEO of Data Literacy, has recommended 10 books con

OpenAI launches GPT-4o and demonstrates interesting capabilities

2024-05-15 10:34:16

On May 13, 2024, OpenAI announced an update to its GPT-4o model along with a viral video showing off its potential to be even more intelligent than the original version. The o in the name stands for “

Google launches new AI at Google I/O with innovative new features

2024-05-15 04:24:59

Google announced the new update at Google I/O 2024, Googles annual technology launch event, at midnight in Thailand. Googles announcements of AI updates like Gemini Pro 1.5, new Android updates, Gemma

Virtual news anchor State-of-the-art technology Or a threat to the mass communications industry?

2024-05-14 02:03:05

News anchors in the form of AI are increasingly being used. Not even our own country is the same. and many other countries Whether it is India, China,

Humans and AI living together in society

2024-05-10 01:34:44

When AI becomes a part of society, it creates opportunities and challenges in developing tens of thousands of new AI models. Fostering a dynamic that

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