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Figure AI, an AI startup company that develops humanoid robots Receives $675 million from investors to solve labor problems

2024-02-26 05:15:13

With major funding to invest in AI startups developing humanoid robot projects following ChatGPTs launch, Figure AI is a company aiming to lead the wave. A new wave of capable manufacturing robots, ba

Stable Diffusion 3 AI model launched, capable of creating high-quality images from text

2024-02-26 05:03:48

Stability AI from a British AI laboratory A new model has been revealed that can create images from new text, Stable Diffusion 3, which can create high-quality images from Prompt text and build on the

Google Accused of “Woke” After Gemini Created Incorrect Historical Images

2024-02-26 10:41:34

After the launch of Googles Gemini, it was discovered that there was a problem with the creation of historical images, with images that were made of people of color and women in an incorrect historica

X is in talks with Midjourney for a potential collaboration.

2024-02-21 05:04:05

A report from Twitter user DogeDesigner indicates that X is in discussions with Midjourney, an AI-powered art platform, for potential collaborations. This partnership is not the first time that major

OpenAI and Thrive Capital Reach $80B Collaboration Agreement

2024-02-21 04:37:44

The New York Times reported on February 16 that OpenAI has agreed to a partnership with Thrive Capitol worth more than $80 billion. As a result, the value of OpenAI is three times higher than before.

Reddit signs AI content licensing deal

2024-02-20 04:31:24

Its been reported by Bloomberg that Reddit has shared the news with prospective investors ahead of its IPO. The deal is said to be worth about $60 million per year. There is no mention of the identity

AI Telephone: Deutsche Telekom Smartphones are a true helper in everyd

2024-02-20 04:25:16

As companies race to bring AI technology to mobile phones, the technology is still mostly used for tasks like image editing and translation. It has been revealed that companies like Deutsche Telekom w

Bittensor: The World's First Brain-Based Internet

2024-02-20 04:21:49

The concept of an internet network system using the brains nervous system is used as a model. The idea was created by Jacob Robert Steeves (co-founder) and Ala Shabana (co-founder).

OpenAI launches new video generation model Sora with cutting-edge video preview

2024-02-19 05:37:43

Leading AI company OpenAI on Friday launched Sora, an AI video generation model that can create hyper-realistic videos. OpenAI has released a preview of the video it created. This AI model comes in di

Research models for creating storyboards using AI technology.

2024-02-19 04:57:03

Recently a research report was published comparing AI models in visualization for storyboarding. Movie scenes and animation By benchmarking Pipeline 1 in Stable Diffusion 1.5 mode, using DreamBooth an

OpenAI is testing long-term memory capabilities for ChatGPT.

2024-02-15 03:21:09

OpenAI has announced that it is testing a new memory feature for ChatGPT, improving the recall and retention of previous conversations to reduce duplication of conversations in ChatGPT.

SEC Chairman warns against misleading AI propaganda and 'watches AI'

2024-02-14 05:26:14

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, many companies are competing to be leaders in this field, with many making exaggerated claims about the capabilities of AI. According to Gar