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People who are looking for a software company to develop software. There are always many questions. that is normal Because this is a question related to using software development services. What is the most frequently asked question we get?

Article 1 How long does it take to develop my application or website?

There is no fixed answer to this question, because it is important to consider the architecture of the solution, including the design and development of the software, which depends on the steps of testing and how long it takes, which depends on the architecture of the software, including:

-Number of modules and functions

-Number of future users

-Complexity terminology of specific processes

-Potential for application to external software

Taking all these factors into consideration, you can evaluate how long it will take to build the solution.

Article 2 how much is my application fee?

The specific solution is a software type built to meet the individual needs of customers, so the specific solution will be priced separately, and the pricing will be:

-the size of the application

-it consultants spend a lot of time preparing models.

-Time spent on programming

Each team can have its own pricing method for application development. When you make a choice, it is important to pay attention not only to the cost, but also to the professionalism and comprehensive service of the company.

Article 3 what is the status of my application?

The answer. There is no other system like yours. This is one of the advantages of specific solutions, but at the same time, their disadvantage is that you won't see the solution until you create it. However, software companies can submit screenshots of other applications they have developed, which will show you what a solution created by a team looks like. In addition, you can learn more about the future of the application by looking at the layout of the future application. The model provided by our consultants includes tables, screens, charts and all other related content, which will then be transferred to the solution.

Article 4 On which server will my software be installed?

Answer: You can choose the server where the application is installed. In the case of customized solutions, customers usually choose to install the software on their own servers. When we develop the final version of the solution, the application is maintained on our server, and the customer and our team are there to test. Then, install the solution to the customer according to the agreement on the server selected by the customer.

Article 5, if the application stops running.

Many customers are worried about this situation. During the test, the custom application has no defects. This is because this is the latest system with specific modules and processes that have never been used before. Testing eliminated most defects or errors. Additional steps should be defined by the agreement between the software company and our software customers. Provide a 12-month software warranty, in which we will correct the potential errors found. This means that you can expect our support and quick response within one year after submitting the application.

Article 6 How long does it take to repair the software?

The characteristic of customized solutions is that although the design and development process is long, these solutions can be deployed quickly because they reflect the actual process of the company. Since these solutions are tailored to your needs, it is easier to run the process in your environment. However, it is difficult to determine whether this troubleshooting operation will take days or weeks. Intensive training and training using this software can shorten the completion time of the process to one week. However, the duration of this process is closely related to the application scale, the number of users and the complexity of a specific process.

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