Make a difference with DEF

DEF is part of Dee Dot Farm Ltd., which is committed to developing new software systems and experimenting. To improve the lives of people and users To be more convenient and easier, we believe in quality that is different to make us as unique as possible. Take part in the experiment

What does the def company do ?

Providing software development services according to the designs presented by customers. You must inform us of the design you want via email or line in order to evaluate the price or you can purchase our products that have already been made. Just pay You have the system ready to use immediately.

Is charging a price for software development services expensive ?

Our software development pricing is based on manday or based on the time it takes to complete. You can send a picture of your software to evaluate the price accordingly. that customers want

If there is not much budget or if it is a small company, can it be hired ?

If you want cheap software, we recommend you to buy our package. There are cheap systems costing only 100 baht to 1000 baht per month. Get a system that is as good as the system you ordered. At a price that is not expensive at all

If hired, do you have to know details or technical information or software development methods ?

It's not necessary, as long as you have an idea and some details of the system you want, we can help design it for you. We have a team with business understanding ready to answer your problems and provide the best advice for you.

Can I request a preview of the software or web app before ordering ?

You can request to see a demo of the software by letting us know which package or product you want to see via Line or email. We will send you a link to see the demo system.

What is the product and product warranty?

For various packages, some systems are available for free. You can use them 100% free until you are satisfied. Order our package so you can receive new feathers as soon as you need them. We are happy to offer refunds in some cases. The system does not conform to the format the customer wants. You can see the policy in each product.

If you are interested in DEF service, you can see the contact form below.

If interested in our service, you can contact us at LINE ID : @deefarm or contact us at the contact form below by clicking the button.