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a year ago

To drive business in the age of information and digital Being well known on the internet increases your opportunities and growth greatly. There is one way to help be known by creating a website. It's a quick way to develop your brand and stay ahead of your competitors.

10 ways to create a website for beginners

1. Practice related skills Before creating a website, you must have studied web development and coding languages such as JavaScript and HTML/CSS. Page management and the code behind SEO marketing strategies, etc.

2. Set goals Once you have learned the skills you will need to set goals. Long-term website creation objectives plan the work, various functions, and layout of the web page, don't forget to make your goals as clear and detailed as possible.

3. Choose a hosting provider Choosing a hosting provider is very easy. But it is an important part of building a website. Multiple leading hosting platforms usually offer free domain registration. Discount website builder and other special privileges for first-time registration

4. Choose a domain. Choosing a domain name is like choosing a company name. It may take a little thought and consideration. Because your domain name will play a key role in your online identity, from an SEO perspective, an effective domain name can make your website more discoverable in keyword searches. It also makes your website easier to promote through digital marketing campaigns.

5. Choose a website template or structure. The layout of your website will play a key role in facilitating the user experience you want. and should be chosen with meticulous planning and advanced research. Considerations that you need e-commerce elements Appointment scheduling or other functions Is it related to your business? Let's just say that the theme can be customized to your liking. Use it as a shell for larger development concepts, such as specific plugins and widgets, color schemes, page order, and hierarchy.

6. Create related pages. Most websites have pages or sections. Most have a home page and subcategory pages. It should be organized for navigation and easily accessible and usable.

7. Create a payment system (if applicable). If your website is an E-Commerce website, a suitable storefront layout that displays your business's products and services. The website must support payment through various channels, most of which support a variety of payment methods. From credit and debit to connected services like Google Pay and PayPal.

8. Test usage and make improvements. Once the website development is complete, it's time to test the website to see if the UI/UX works well, the buttons work, the page loads quickly, SEO, and improvements in areas that are faulty.

9. Promote the website Once the website is ready, marketing must be done to promote the website through various social media accounts. This helps the entity relate to your SEO.

10. The website is always updated and improved.

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