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Today's business websites are an integral part of any successful company. Because it is considered the first point where you can contact and get to know the business. Increase trade opportunities And how much will it cost us to design and develop the website?

What should I do before estimating costs?

1. Plan a budget

Creating a website for your business takes careful planning. Analyze business guidelines Desired website format, and various functions to estimate website costs Additionally, don't forget to factor in hosting costs, domain names, and other necessary expenses.

2. Evaluate the feasibility of the idea.

When creating a business website, there are often a lot of ideas, but you need to assess the possibility of the idea being a reality.

3. Present ideas

When planning well Don't forget to consult with experts to get opinions and make corrections.

What is the estimated cost of website development?

1. Website type

In creating a website, we must first know what type of website we want to build because the cost of creating each type of website is very different.

Website type

Development costs (US Dollar)

Development time: hours

Landing page



Portfolio website






news website



Company website



web directory



E-Commerce website



educational website



web forum



Web SaaS



marketing website



Website for entertainment



social media web



2. How to create a website

In the process of creating a website, We must first know which method to use to create a website. There are 3 different website development options.

1) In-house website development team

2) Use a CMS system

3) Hire a development team

3. Who will develop it?

Option 1: In-house development team

When we decided to create an official website Using your development team will increase costs due to salary and employee benefits. But it comes down to being able to think and create functions. Flexibility and ability to respond to work plans



The team understands the business.

Risk of data loss

Understand business goals

May not be an expert

Can be used easily at all times

Lack of some resources


Option 2: Hire a company to produce a website within the country.

When developing a website, many factors need to be decided. But there is another important factor: the business location. For example, businesses in the US and UK will have high costs. And with different living expenses, costs vary in each country as well.



have expertise


There is no communication gap.

Low development time

The website can be easily delivered

Must follow the conditions of the service company.

Easy to hire

It takes a long time to develop.

Option 3: Hire a freelancer

Freelance website development can cost anywhere from $10,000. While web designers usually charge between $250 and $2,500. If you want to develop a complex website, additional costs may be required.



Easy to develop

little credibility

good value

There is no guarantee that development can be completed.

Be agile

There may be communication gaps.

There is variety in work.

Option 4: Hire an outsourcing agency

Because these agencies have experience Might be a little more expensive than freelancing. But you can be confident in the quality.



have expertise

It takes a long time to develop.

There are complete delivery channels.

hard to find

The team is dedicated to their work.

good value

in understanding technology

Easy to communicate

4. Domain and hosting

Domain: Important part of the website. And it may affect the cost of building a website. Different domain names may have different prices. Some are more expensive than others, such as .com and .org, and less popular domain names, such as .net and .io, are cheaper.

Hosting: Web hosting is essential for anyone who wants to launch a website on the Internet. If you don't have a hosting plan? Not everyone will be able to access your website. The hosting costs involved in building a website depend on the type of plan you choose. Shared hosting plans are generally the most affordable. But there are some disadvantages as well.

5. Core technology

Choose the right technology for your website. One of the most important factors is cost. Costs can vary greatly. It depends on your technology choice. For example, if you decide to build your website using a CMS like WordPress, the costs will be relatively low. But if using other complex systems there may be higher costs.

6. Design, development and installation

Website design and development will vary depending on the needs of the client. However, some costs may increase. Such as hiring a designer or developer and hosting costs.

7. Web development costs according to the development team's address

One of the most important factors is the region in which you set up or outsource your web development. For example, if you were to outsource your web development in Asia, The costs would be much lower than setting up a team within the United States. As the cost of living and wages drop significantly in Asia, however, there can be some disadvantages to hiring a team in another region. For example, there may be language barriers or cultural differences that may make communication and collaboration difficult. climb

How do rates vary among web development teams around the world?


Hourly wage (US Dollar)



United States of America










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