10 AI tools for marketing that you can't miss

2024-05-31 03:06:49

One of the hottest technologies during this year is artificial intelligence. It is a hot trend in the present era. It has been adapted for use in many areas, including marketing, which has brought this technology to change its work. Some companies invest in developing and maximizing the capabilities of this technology. To manage complexity in the planning process and be like an assistant who facilitates marketing

What are marketing AI tools?

is software that can use machine learning (ML) to improve marketing operations and workflows because AI makes predictions based on predetermined data. This makes this capability extremely useful in repetitive and complex workflows.

Benefits of AI tools in marketing

Marketing tools have come in to help marketers work more quickly by performing repetitive tasks according to predetermined work patterns. By continuously working together, it is possible to work together more efficiently.

1. Customization according to individual needs

2. Create content and marketing concepts

3. Analyze data to plan. and recommend guidelines

Marketing AI tools to create advertising content

1. Keyword Insights

SEO tools that can help with content writing that is designed to create modern content It combines content research, writing, and optimization in a single platform.

2. Jasper

AI writing tools use AI to create content. It has content templates for various platforms such as landing pages, emails, and blog posts. It has 11,000 fonts, 2,500 categories, and 25 languages. It is easy to use.

3. Writer

AI tools, assistants for marketing, easy to use, can perform marketing tasks, allowing for efficient content creation. both introducing grammar and maintaining a consistent format for presenting content

4. Surfer SEO

AI tools that help improve website page content So that the content can be ranked on the search page (SERP) based on data from search query analysis. And compare it with your content to make your content rank more effectively.

Marketing AI tools for content editing

Content verification tools that help marketers verify the authenticity of their content.

1. Grammarly

An AI tool that helps check the correctness of grammar that works with various social platforms such as Google Docs, Word, and Gmail. You can also use the generative AI, GrammarlyGO, to help create writing according to Context and goals

2. Hemingway Editor

Tools that leverage machine learning (ML) to identify where mistakes are made provide recommendations for corrections to make content richer. It will analyze the content. and suggest a position that will be made clear more concise or improved vocabulary You can also provide a readability score and grade level to assess the overall effectiveness of the content.

AI tools for digital marketing

Tools to help send targeted emails Campaign management and conversion rate optimization

1. Seventh Sense

An email marketing tool that uses behavioral profiles to capture customer attention. Create a predictive model that analyzes the best times and days to send email campaigns. What is the selling point? It does this individually for each contact based on their activity.

2. Optimove

A customer data platform that provides a centralized view of customer behavior and insights. Campaign performance Hyper-segmentation, A/B testing, and multi-channel tracking

3. Tidio

Our AI-powered chatbot platform lets you focus on optimizing your conversion rate (CRO) through customer interactions on your website.

Marketing AI tools to create automation

1. Zapier

AI-powered automation tools automate time-consuming tasks and turn textual input into data to answer simple questions. To help your team reduce manual work and scale your business with valuable insights.

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