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Black Box AI Models Transparency and the AI ​​Revolution

2024-05-08 11:51:09

The growth of AI technology is rapidly evolving. This makes us live in an era where AI technology becomes more a part of our lives. But in terms of ethics, use With the increasing sophistication of AI

20 essential AI development terms with meanings

2024-05-07 02:35:20

In the world of technology that is constantly evolving. One of them is Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, or in Thai, artificial intelligence. H

New update! You can now add the Gemini extension to Chrome.

2024-05-06 05:14:24

On May 5, 2024, Google released information about a new update to Google Chrome that added an AI extension called Gemini. To directly access Gemini, you must: Have the following features according to

Disguised as browser update, stealing banking information, Brokewell Trojan virus

2024-05-02 05:58:07

As reported by ThreatFabric on April 25th, Information has been released about “Brokewell,” a Trojan-style malware that masquerades as an update to Android users browsers like Chrome, allowing hackers

AI assistant devices like Rabbit R1 face heavy criticism, After the first review

2024-05-02 05:54:22

After the launch of the Rabbit R1 at CES earlier this year. There have been more than 10,000 pre-orders with technology that the company defines as Large Action Model (LAM) that can be combined with a

ChatGPT tool is powerful in crime. When a powerful tool is in the hands of criminals

2024-05-02 05:51:20

ChatGPT is a large language model (LLM)--based AI model developed by OpenAI that continues to drive development and adoption with the ability to adapt to text, visualization, and content. However, som

New AI legal framework and engagement with GDPR

2024-05-02 10:07:23

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come to change various perspectives in society, causing many concerns about the double-edged sword of this technology. That may affect data privacy and morality, causi

10 AI tools for students in 2024

2024-05-02 09:27:07

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) technology is more accessible and easy to use. I think its an effective application in conjunction with learning. There are many tools with different abili

5 AI platforms for education

2024-04-30 04:47:37

AI for education In an era where technology has become a part of daily life, many technologies have developed in leaps and bounds. One of them is artificial intelligence (AI) technology that makes lif

10 AI courses for lawyers

2024-04-30 03:29:35

AI technology has become a part of everyday life. With the ability to be like an assistant that facilitates many things, in later years this technology has developed to the point where it can play a g

10 Best WordPress AI Plugins of 2024

2024-04-29 03:31:50

Plugins are extensions of website creation platforms like WordPress to increase functionality according to the needs of developers. Many plugins use AI technology to improve functionality, efficiency,

10 Popular Medical AI Products

2024-04-26 03:25:28

The use of artificial intelligence technology in the medical industry many manufacturers have applied AI to suit various tasks after 691 items of this technology were approved for use by the US Food a