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Google launches new AI at Google I/O with innovative new features

2024-05-15 04:24:59

Google announced the new update at Google I/O 2024, Googles annual technology launch event, at midnight in Thailand. Googles announcements of AI updates like Gemini Pro 1.5, new Android updates, Gemma

Google updates Search to fight low-quality spam content

2024-03-08 04:48:27

There has been a proliferation of spam content within Google that has made Googles search system worse over the years, and Google isnt complacent and has launched a major algorithmic revolution to cle

Google Accused of “Woke” After Gemini Created Incorrect Historical Images

2024-02-26 10:41:34

After the launch of Googles Gemini, it was discovered that there was a problem with the creation of historical images, with images that were made of p

Google renames Bard to Gemini, launches new Android apps and advanced AI models

2024-02-09 05:32:42

After the launch of Gemini at the end of last year With the ability to work and process better than other AI models, on Thursday, Google changed its A

Google Research launched LUMIERE, a new AI model that creates videos from text and prototype images.

2024-01-26 02:23:10

Last Tuesday, Thai time Google Research launched Lumiere, an AI model with the ability to create videos from text prompts and prototype images, it is

Google announces the creation of a data center in the UK To meet the increasing demand for AI

2024-01-25 03:06:04

Google has announced plans to invest $1 billion in data centers in the UK to support and meet the growing demand for AI and cloud services on a 33-acr

A (not) secret function to help you search on Google websites.

2024-01-19 04:16:55

Using Google to search nowadays, aside from typing the desired words into the search box, Google also has a function that is not secret. That will hel

Google launches Gemini AI, a ChatGPT competitor, amid internal OpenAI wars

2023-12-07 04:11:15

After the launch of ChatGPT in the same year 2022, this year the giant search engine company Google launched Gemini, a new AI model and entered the fi

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