16 SEO techniques to increase efficiency and increase organic website traffic

2024-05-21 01:51:22

In the digital age, websites play an important role in conducting business. Attracting as many website visitors as possible is the main goal of all website owners. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is therefore an important tool that helps your website appear on the first page of search results. Attract the right audience and increase your chances of converting into customers.

Techniques for increasing website rankings in search or using SEO techniques. Each year there will be changes and new techniques and methods always emerging. What will be interesting in 2024?

1. SEO tools used to write great content

This technique has been very popular from last year until this year. Its popularity continues to grow. The AI-powered content creation tool can customize the type of content we want, whether it be articles, landing pages, email copy, messages, or ads on social platforms. Video description Product description and other works

AI content writing is the process of using artificial intelligence. It uses natural language models (LLM) and deep learning (DL) to create content according to its instructions. and create blogs from the enormous data that AI has learned and directly to the target audience with creative speed Made it very popular last year. Because it reduces time and is accurate.

AI tools optimized for content creation

1. Jasper

2. Copysmit

3. Rytr

4. Word AI


2. Optimize the store page on mobile phones

With the advent of smartphones, traffic through mobile devices has increased in large numbers and continues to increase. Making your website mobile-friendly is another important thing to consider. In addition, by optimizing overall mobile accessibility. ASO optimization is yet another SEO strategy. necessary to optimize mobile apps to rank better in ASO's search plans to attract more mobile downloads and generate more revenue.

Bringing in SEO helps website owners improve their website's visibility in search engines. ASO also helps to improve visibility in Apple's App Store or Google Play's search results, with 2 Guidelines for improving visual performance

-Improved app metadata including app name, description, keywords, and screenshots.

-Improved app ratings and reviews. This can work by encouraging users to write positive reviews and respond to negative reviews.

Guidelines for the Google Play store and App Store iOS are as follows:

Google Play

-Name maximum 30 characters

-Description up to 80 characters.

-Google Play indexes almost all text included in the store list.

App Store iOS

-Name maximum 30 characters

- Caption maximum 30 characters.

-Keyword field maximum 100 characters

-The iOS App Store doesn't index all text fields (unlike Google), so try to get your keywords in these additional fields, namely development titles and in-app purchases (IAP).

3. Optimize organic content

An experienced SEO practitioner will be able to optimize organic traffic. Increasing the performance of existing content through a process known as optimization. “Content optimization” is combining the appropriate number of primary keywords and secondary keywords. The appropriate number of words in the content Excellent readability guaranteed and have meta title tags and descriptions appropriate to the content.

There are four ways to optimize your website's content.

1. Find the right number of words and the right keyword density. Keyword density based on search terms and top rankings. This takes into account the appropriate number of words based on the context of the article content. For example, an in-depth article should contain more than 3,000 words, with keywords making up at least 10%.

2. Test Your Content Titles to Optimize CTR Performance Title tags and content descriptions on your website are the most important things to optimize. A good description can increase your CTR, leading to higher rankings and more traffic.

3. Update pages that are seeing decreased traffic with less content as you publish more content. Traffic and rankings from old content may inevitably drop. This is due to an outdated post. Competitors may update their articles. Stop creating articles. Stop creating new links, etc. This will refresh the declining traffic.

4. Cover the content by search engine intent, what kind of answer the person asking is looking for, and what they are searching for in the SERP. It is an excellent tool for finding the user's search intent. When you answer the question, you will get more CTR.

4. Increase the efficiency of working with CWN

With the introduction of BERT and MUM, the latest SEO trends show that Google wants to humanize its search engine by replacing its ranking algorithm with Core Web Vitals (CWV), where links and tags matter because From Google, the experience of using website pages is defined as “A set of signals that measure how users perceive their experience interacting with a web page. In addition to the true value of information"

There are standards for measuring results related to the experience of using website pages and making predictions in the CWN set of 4 indicators as follows.

Page download speed measures how well a website loads. Google recommends aiming for LCP within 2.5 seconds after a page begins loading. Delay in entering the first set of data and the stability of Google's vision

-Mobile-friendliness of web pages

-Using HTTPS protocol

-Lack of annoying interstitial ads.

Steps necessary to improve your website experience

1. Run your website through PageSpeed ​​Insights to measure performance.

2. Then follow the instructions from Google to improve the problem.

3. Repeat the first step to measure the website's responsiveness.

5. Increase the time you use the website.

Another thing that Google pays attention to is the time it takes to access a website after clicking on a SERP link. before returning to the search engine This is different from the bounce rate that follows users who leave without interacting. or time on the website where all visitors are counted Time to focus on user engagement from search results

If the use of the website increases, J-pop will find that your website offers valuable content. This can help in increasing your search engine rankings. If Google finds that your website has more views than your competitor's for the same keyword, search engines will decide that yours is better. and get more traffic

6. Target group and keyword topics

Google's objective is to understand user intent and what they expect. Able to answer specific search questions What search engine results will best help answer their questions? For a website to rank on the first page of Google, using only keywords is not enough. The best way to improve SEO practices is to look at the context of the user. which is another important thing

7. Optimized for voice search

In 2020, more than 4.2 billion voice assistants were used worldwide. There is an ever-expanding trend in which voice search tools can help in optimizing your website with voice search.

8. Optimize your website header It's not just a title tag.

Normally, Google automatically rewrites about 58% of title tags based on a website's H1 heading. Google says, "Their new system is creating titles that better fit the document overall." explain what they are about This means that if a title tag is poorly written or doesn't provide a clear picture of the content, Google may rewrite the tag to improve the user experience.

Headers that tend to rewrite title tags include:

-Too short or too long

-not related to page content

-Too much promotion or spam

-Many duplicate pages

To reduce the chance that Google will rewrite the name tag. Make sure the tip tag name doesn't get changed:

-Use important keywords using title tags. But don't use it too much.

- Keep name tags short. Ideally, it should be around 50-60 characters long.

-Provide descriptive language that accurately reflects the content of the page.

-Avoid using promotional language or claims that you can't back up.

-Make sure the title tag is unique for each page.

9. Update or refresh old content regularly.

This is another popular tactic because of its already valuable content. and in some cases already have a large readership. Instead of creating a new post from scratch. But it's easier to update the content to optimize the original post's presence in organic search engine results. This makes the easier option to refresh the content. taking into account time And the post has organic traffic. But it can have potential in link building and other strategies.

You can see how much traffic your content is getting in the Landing Pages section of Google Analytics. Just go to Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages to check how your post is performing. When ready to update your old blog, follow Single Grain's update guidelines.

-Rewrite the introduction and conclusion.

-Delete/summarize weak points

-Add searched information to add value to this work.

-Update new statistics, facts, or quotes. And make sure if there are any broken links or not. and links to sources that are no more than 2 years old

-Replace old and unrelated images.

-replace sample or case studies with new and current items

-Go to Google Search Console to request reindexing.

10. Increase your reach with video SEO

One of the best strategies for increasing your organic reach. In addition to increasing visitor participation, Videos can also help you gain organic traffic from matching keyword suggestions within the clip. Previously, Google ranked only YouTube videos in its recommendations, but with the help of Seek and Clip data structure, marketers can rank video impressions within any website.

Ways to Optimize Video Content

-Use relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags.

-Use reduced, high-quality images to attract more clicks.

-Use annotations and marquees in videos.

-Have subtitles in your videos to make your content more accessible. The text can also optimize search engine results in crawling.

-Use bookmarks at appropriate times to get into the content. and allows search engines to better understand the content within videos

-Promote your videos on social media and other websites

-Embed videos on your website to get more user engagement. This will also affect the time spent on using the website.

-Use YouTube advertising to increase reach.

11. Invest in link building.

Link building has always been at the core of Google's search engine ranking algorithm, and creating quality, authoritative, and unique content is the best way to get quality links. The effective strategy is as follows.

-Creating unique, valuable, and trustworthy content. Because data-driven content to connect

-Using tools to analyze accessibility initiatives Such as guest posting or collaborating with influencers. To support link-building efforts

-Use tools to analyze competitor backlink profiles and find linking opportunities where possible.

The important thing is not to focus only on quantity. But also the quality of the links because links from relevant and reputable websites carry more weight. Additionally, diversify your link types and anchor text to create a more natural-looking backlink profile. Review your backlinks periodically. This ensures that those links are not only high in number. But it also contributes positively to SEO objectives.

12. Optimize internal links

Internal linking is another important factor for SEO. There are two main purposes for an internal linking strategy. To forward and spread the value of backlinks to your web pages and to help users navigate to the content that is most relevant to them.

13. More visual content

When your content has more illustrations, your content will be more engaging. A clear example is that Facebook posts with images get 230% more engagement than posts without images. Websites with image content also get 230% more traffic. More than content without images as well. with a trend of 94%

The most common types of images that tend to attract attention are:





Creating graphics and infographics these days is not difficult. With new tools that make it easier to create images, whether it's Canva or AI that can create illustrations. Additionally, you can purchase images from a variety of image trading websites. To improve the content to be more effective Plus, it increases your chances of ranking within Google Images, the second largest search engine in the world.

Image SEO requires adjusting alt text for image text. and use appropriate picture names Alt text is the tag you give to your image. This is so that Google's search engine crawlers can read the code and figure out what the image is. about what? This requires a brief explanation. of the picture as well

14. Target local searchers with landing pages and product listings

Lots of Google searches from local searchers such as local stores The business hours of various locations, phone numbers, and addresses are other things to think about. For business owners with a brick-and-mortar presence, local SEO is essential to improving online visibility through SEO techniques. 3 effective local techniques can attract customers in nearby areas.

-Check directory listings regularly.

-Create and optimize local landing pages.

-SEO techniques, short data schema markup

JSON (Javascript Object Notation) insertion can also be integrated through Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager makes it easier for you to integrate schema and JSON. To increase the efficiency and strength of the schema, resulting in higher CTR and visibility.

15. Focus on high-ranking keywords.

For your website to rank on the first page of Google, using just one keyword is not enough. The purpose of searching is divided into four types: information, channels for getting answers, trade, and transactions. If you want to increase visibility and possibly increase attention to those contents, here are some guidelines.

-Be stricter with CTAs (e.g. "Get a quote" instead of "Download this whitepaper").

-Expect a higher conversion rate.

-More accurately attribute leads and revenue to your content.

If the goal is to manage your SEO efforts for short- or medium-term ROI on your content, high-intent keywords are the way to go. You can find those related keywords by researching the main keywords and finding words that have the same meaning.

16. Use EEAT content

This is due to the update of Google's Quality Measurement Criteria (QRG) in December of last year. It focuses on EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) content, which has an extra E (experience) added to make it an abbreviation. EEAT indicates that the content writer has direct experience with the creative topic. This may include actual product reviews. Or you can offer a unique experience as well.

For Google, experience proves that websites and content creators are reputable. Evaluating experiences also helps reduce malicious posts. especially negative content such as hate speech Bullying and fake pictures

These are all SEO trends that will be hot and interesting in 2024. Trends are always changing due to various factors that affect them. Keeping up with new trends will help you plan your actions to cover new trends. and create more quality content But not all techniques need to be implemented. You need to choose a few techniques that are relevant to your business's SEO plan.

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