20 Best SEO Tools of 2024

2024-05-17 04:24:18

SEO tools in 2024 are still popular for online businesses, with many of them of varying quality. There are rankings of SEO tools that meet the needs of business users. The rankings are based on an article by Karsten Madsen. This blog has the answer if you are looking for interesting SEO tools.

Which SEO tools are interesting?

1. Google Search console

With Google's data capabilities, SEO tools from Google can get information on websites you own. Within the tool, you'll find Search Console reports, Search Analytics summaries, number of clicks, page impressions, backlinks, and more detailed notifications about issues with your website. This tool can be used for free. And there is also training in using it.

2. Ahrefs

SEO tools with complete capabilities including competitor surveys Check and optimize your website, search for important keywords, and check content links. and track your website's ranking progress. This tool is used by websites from many leading companies. There is also a course teaching usage and techniques for increasing traffic. It's free to try and a basic subscription is available for $129 per month.

3. Morning score

All-in-one SEO tool that provides an easy-to-understand SEO overview. Setting growth goals Take care of website quality Track new and lost links, check keywords, search and analyze competitors. and follow the growth of the website The tool is available with a monthly subscription starting at $49 per month.

4. Semrush

SEO tools used by many leading companies The tool can increase website traffic by suggesting keywords, optimizing backlinks, and recommending marketing content. Analyze the viability of your website and your competitors. Increase advertising efficiency. Control content posting on social media. and have agency solutions to guide you on your growth path. It is available through a monthly subscription starting at $129.95 per month. and annual average monthly rate of 108.33 per month

5. Surfer

SEO tools with attractive functionality Website access is checked. Overview report can plan content creation. Website Ranking Report Review and rate content before publishing. There is also content tracking. The tool also works as a WordPress extension, which is available with a monthly subscription starting at $89 per month. And there is a free trial as well.

6. MOZ Pro

SEO tools that can analyze backlinks effectively Custom overview reporting available Track your impression rankings in real-time. Check for problematic links and report you immediately. There is also a related blog to read. You can try it for free or subscribe to a monthly subscription for $99 per month.

7. Rich Results Test

Link Quality Checker from Google to check whether your website's links are quality or not. This is a tool that is free to use. You can set the display format for desktop or smartphone.

8. Pagespeed

Tool to check display sensitivity while visiting websites on both desktop and smartphone. Ready to rate and identify points that need to be fixed. which can be used for free

9. Compress PNG

Tool to compress PNG file size to increase website loading speed.

10. Answer the public

A tool for checking keyword searches on various platforms, such as Google, Bing, Youtube, TikTok, and Amazon, along with specifying the frequency of searches and being able to define measurement areas as well. Can be used for free


AI tools that can be used to measure search results Come up with content that promotes SEO, and survey popularity. The tool is free to use in its basic version.


An AI tool to measure the performance of a website's impressions and provide a score. Within the tool are recommendations for content writing for SEO, available with a monthly subscription for $49 per month.

Tools that can create integrated content There are templates for creating various content and organizing the content. Follow project progress It works with Google Docs and WordPress. The tool has a free trial and a monthly subscription for $15 per month.

14. Screaming frog

SEO measurement tool with the ability to find broken links Analyze data, check backlinks, and check for duplicate content within the website. Compare how competing websites perform and more. This tool is free to try. and an annual payment plan for 199 euros.

15. Seobility

A comprehensive SEO measurement tool that can collect website data. Track daily rankings, check backlinks, and report results in an easy-to-understand manner. It is used by leading companies. The trial is free and monthly plans start at $200 per month.

16.SE Ranking

SEO tools that cover all functions including tracking rankings in search results Checking backlinks, exploring content, suggest local content planning. Some shows understand the work and set goals for success. You can try it out for free. Or subscribe monthly for $44 per month.


This SEO measurement tool, used by over 32,000 companies, can test website page load speeds. Along with an overall work report, backlinks are checked effectively. Compare competitor performance, aggregated SEPR analysis, and dynamic keyword research. Compatible with a variety of website-building platforms. There's also a free 14-day trial available, and monthly plans starting at $116.

18. Yoast

A tool for SEO measurement with the ability to automate SEO techniques, effectively optimizing content. Track search results and rankings There is training in techniques for increasing SEO and 24-hour support from experts, which can be selected according to your needs. The basic package costs $99 per month.


A WordPress extension tool that can easily check SEO results. There are over 15 modules. Track search rankings and create success goals. Analyze access and identify over 30 problems. The system is easy to understand. and is available with a monthly subscription starting at $49.99 per month.


Free website visibility and SEO performance checker many organisms can be tested according to desired indicators.

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