Virtual news anchor State-of-the-art technology Or a threat to the mass communications industry?

2024-05-14 02:03:05

News anchors in the form of AI are increasingly being used. Not even our own country is the same. and many other countries Whether it is India, China, or Indonesia. AI journalists have been used in broadcasting on television stations, whether at the local level or the national level. With quality and unique abilities, This makes AI news anchors popular all over the world.

artificial intelligence news anchor

is a virtual news anchor that uses AI technology to simulate a human news anchor's appearance, voice, and gestures. and present news Examples of well-known news anchors from many countries include:

1.Qiu Hao and Ren Xiaorong

Artificial Intelligence Announcer from China From China's official news agency Xinhua, the world's first AI news presenter was launched in 2018, releasing a video of an AI news presenter presenting news in English named Qiu Hao. AI did not entirely create his appearance, but It's a bot belonging to news anchor Zhang Zhao of Xinhua News Agency.

In March 2023, Chinese state news agency People Daily introduced its latest AI news anchor, a woman named Ren XiaoRong, claiming that Ren Xiaorong could deliver news all day and all year long on any topic. But later people discovered that the virtual news anchor could only broadcast certain preset political topics.

2. Sana and Lisa

India has also followed the trend of artificial intelligence news anchors. In 2018, India Today Group launched Sana, the country's first AI news anchor. You can watch her on the Aaj Tak news channel, where she broadcasts news in French.

Odisha TV is no different, in 2023 it launched Lisa, India's first regional virtual news anchor. The highlight is dressing in a traditional Indian crimson and gold sari. Its job is to read weather news. and occasionally update sports news

Since 2023, the number of AI news anchors in India has grown steadily, with Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu news channels Soundarya launching in July 2023, a self-described "robot anchor."

3.Nadira, Sasya and Bhoomi

Virtual news anchor from Indonesia Featuring an all-female network from tvOne, one of the country's most popular television networks, Nadira is designed to bring you the latest news from around the world with the appearance of Nadira based on news anchor Fahada. Indi will narrate the news in real-time, and Nadira will follow Indi's poses and moves in the studio.

To cover the target audience in the country, there is Sasya who has a Chinese-Indonesian body, and Bhoomi who has an Indonesian body of Middle Eastern descent.

4. Fedha

The first virtual news anchor from Kuwait debuted in April 2023 and is a blonde woman with light eyes in a black suit. speak Arabic She will present the news on her Kuwaiti Twitter account.

5. Joon and Monica

A virtual news anchor from Malaysia launching in May 2023 from Astro Awani, one of Malaysia's leading broadcasters. Joon will be a male news anchor presenting the evening news alongside a human news anchor. Monica, who is a female news anchor, co-hosts the talk show Agenda AWANI every night.

6. Natcha

Thailand's first virtual news anchor launching in April 2024 from the Nation TV channel. Nitcha will report short news to follow up on the daily situation from 2:05 p.m. - 2:55 p.m. in the News Alert program every day.

Virtual News Anchor Benefits and Concerns

The same is the case with AI tools where virtual news anchors create a lot of phenomena. By being a cutting-edge innovation there are concerns about the impact this may have on the journalism industry.

Benefits of AI-based virtual news anchors and the tools to create them

-Save time: AI-powered news anchors are easy to create, which can reduce search, hiring, and training time.

-Low Price The cost of both Free and Premier Virtual Anchor Generator is less than a human Anchor.

-Working 24 hours a day, AI news anchors can broadcast news. and updates at any time

-Custom avatars With tools that can create virtual news anchors, avatars can be created to suit the station's needs.

- Can speak many languages The virtual news anchor can speak multiple languages. to cover a wide target group

Concerns for virtual news anchors

-Unemployment The concern here is that jobs may gradually replace humans in the news industry.

-distorted information As AI technology becomes more complex and AI news anchors become more lifelike. Therefore, there may be bad actors using virtual news anchors to spread distorted information and destroy trust in mainstream media.

Tool to create AI-based virtual news anchors

We will introduce Vidnoz AI, another suitable option for creating virtual news anchors from AI, using innovative technology to create interesting news scripts with just a few clicks.

Features that make Vidnoz AI a good tool

-Take a picture of a virtual news announcer

-Supports multiple languages ​​and tones.

-AI can lip-sync text to video.

-Specific news video templates

How to create a virtual news anchor with Vidnoz AI

1. Go to website

2. Register or log in with your Google, Microsoft, or LinkedIn email to get a free account.

3. Go to “Avatar” to select a virtual news anchor or upload one.

4. Enter the news script. and select the desired language

5. Click to create a new video from AI.

In addition to the tools to create virtual news anchors in the platform, There is also a tool to create images from text. To create a headshot Speech audio translator That can be tried for free, and many countries in Asia are taking advantage of AI technology to create their virtual news anchors. and shows the potential of technology that is up to date with the world today as well.

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