How to present design ideas

2023-11-07 10:15:06

How to present design ideas

Presenting design ideas is an important skill for designers. Whether designing media, products, or services, presenting a good design concept will help you communicate, captivate, and influence your audience. and build confidence in the quality of your designs

To effectively present your design ideas You should follow these steps:

-Prepare content and media for presentations

-Determine the purpose of the presentation. That is, what do you want the audience to know, think, and do after the presentation?

-Analyze listeners That is, you have to know who your audience is, and what their knowledge, interests, needs, and expectations are.

- Arrange content to have structure. That is, you have to tell the story, tell the content, and summarize the story. There are clear main points and sub-issues. and in the appropriate order

-Choose appropriate presentation media. That is, you must choose media that makes it easier for listeners to understand the content. Whether it be slides, cue cards, videos, images, charts, or anything else, the media you choose must be clear. has a relationship with the content and does not cause the listener to be confused or bored.

-Practice presentations and improve

- Practice the presentation several times. That is, you need to practice presenting fluently, confidently, and without interruption. You should practice presenting in situations that are similar to real presentations, such as using time, media, and a trial audience.

-Request feedback and improvements That is, you need to ask for feedback from the trial audience. or those who have experience in presenting and use the feedback to improve your presentation. Whether it is the content, media, or method of presentation.

- Present design ideas

-Start the presentation by getting to know each other. That is, you have to introduce yourself. and tell what you came to present And what is the purpose?

- arouse the interest of the listener That is, you have to use methods that make the audience excited, interested, and attentive to your presentation. You may use various methods such as telling stories, asking questions, using statistics, or using interesting media.

-Present content according to the structure you prepared. That is, you have to present your design idea. It describes the problem you are trying to solve, how you solved it, and the expected results. You must use presentation media that helps the audience see the picture. and understand your ideas more easily

Summary of presentation and request for answers That is, you need to summarize the main points of your presentation. and ask for answers from listeners What comments, questions, or suggestions do they have? You must be ready to answer questions. and listen to listeners' opinions with an open mind

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