what is a mobile app?

2023-10-03 01:42:27

what is a mobile app?

In today's era, smartphones play a role in everyday life to the point of being part of daily life. Since the launch of the Psion Organizer, the world's first small computer, in 1984 that could be used as a calculator and clock, in 1994 IBM released the Simon, which could send and receive faxes and e-mail. It also has an address book, calendar, and meeting schedule. As a result, it is considered to be the world's first smartphone. Later in 2005, Blackberry Company launched a smartphone and created a new standard that every smartphone must have. is to receive and send email itself and the arrival of the iPhone from Apple in 2007, where over 500 apps could be downloaded and installed through the app store. The same year, the Google Play Store was launched. This causes intense competition in the application market.

In 2020, there were more than nine million apps in service. More than 218 million apps have been downloaded. The most popular apps are chat apps at 90.7% and social media apps at 88.4%. Other popular types of mobile apps include apps for Mobile commerce is 69.4%, entertainment and video are 67.2%, maps are 61.8%, music is 52.9% and games are 50%. These apps play a role that has a direct impact on the business. So if you want to develop your application, what do you need to know?

Type of application

Before developing the application It is worth knowing about the type of application. There are three types as follows:

1. Native apps are apps developed with libraries or SDKs using specific platforms (Apple's iOS and Google's Android). Normally, these apps can take advantage of the hardware of the device, such as the camera or microphone. etc., but users must download it themselves through the Store page of each platform. It cannot be cross-platform because iOS apps are written in Objective-C or Swift, while Android apps use Java.

2. Progressive web apps are applications that require only a web browser to work on any platform and can work offline. Send output notifications and access your device's hardware, like the camera or GPS, without having to download an app on your device.

3. Hybrid apps are apps that combine Native apps and Progressive web apps and can work on all platforms. Can be downloaded and used through a web browser.

Putting applications on sale on the Store page

Once you have developed your application, In the case that your apps are Native apps and Hybrid apps, they must be registered for approval from the Store page of each platform, such as the App Store from Apple, the Play Store from Google, and also from Amazon (for Kindle devices). ) and Samsung has an App Store as well.

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