OpenAI launches GPT-4o and demonstrates interesting capabilities

2024-05-15 10:34:16

On May 13, 2024, OpenAI announced an update to its GPT-4o model along with a viral video showing off its potential to be even more intelligent than the original version. The o in the name stands for “Omni” model can respond to sound better. Including the ability to see better as well.

This video update to the GPT-4o is now more responsive to voice calls and can quickly respond to commands. There are responses to conversations with various tones, supported in more than 50 languages, and there is also a pause while speaking. and can process answers immediately and create images according to command as well

Additionally, there is a visibility indicator that can converse and identify the forward vision image while the vision camera is turned on. The video also showcases GPT-4o's vision ability to identify abnormalities within the visible distance. Moreover, it is possible to create conversations between AIs and respond quickly to commands.

This update can make this new release interesting. With the ability to demonstrate the potential of the company's technology development in the competitive market in the AI ​​era where new technologies are rapidly developed and beyond the limits of technology.

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