9 TikTok accounts worth following in 2024 (information from May)

2024-05-24 11:26:00

TikTok, a fast-growing vertical short video platform, has released videos in a variety of genres, including talent shows. Publish news, jokes, and various highlights, and one of them is short, easy-to-understand knowledge videos, whether it be knowledge in daily life, science, astronomy, law, psychology, language, and even medicine. Today we will present 9 knowledge channels for you to choose from to watch.

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TikTok channel for easy crafting in just 5 minutes. You can use the knowledge in the clip to solve various problems by presenting clips that are fun and easily accessible. The crafting method within the clip uses materials that can be easily found. This channel has 12 M subscribers.


Former science show host creates a lifestyle channel that provides easy-to-understand knowledge about science and astronomy. Along with the experimental demonstration, he currently has 9.9 M followers.


A lawyer's channel that provides simple legal knowledge and explains legal concepts. With a presentation that includes case examples and explains the legal possibilities. He currently has 8 M followers.


The channel features short videos about geography and cultures around the world. It also has interesting tech chats. in his view with beautiful pictures and language that is easy to understand He currently has 7.7 M followers.


A channel that offers health tips and psychological insights. An expert doctor who owns a psychology clinic currently has a total of 4.7 M followers.


A channel that provides language knowledge in a fun style. Hidden with jokes and easy to understand Currently has 3.8 M followers.


A channel that provides knowledge about medicine and health care. Along with highlights of podcasts related to health that are full of knowledge. Currently, he has 2.2 M followers.


Channel that provides knowledge about science Technology working processes and various concepts Easy to understand with a hint of humor. Currently has 1.2 M followers.


A channel that provides easy-to-understand, feel-good psychology knowledge in the form of short messages with basic knowledge about psychology. Currently, there are 821.2 K followers.

Each channel has a large number of followers. It shows the popularity and quality of the content. which those interested can choose to watch according to their interests To increase knowledge and open new perspectives. The TikTok platform is easy and convenient to access.

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