5 AI models for creative manga

2024-05-27 12:01:27

Image creation from AI in this era is widely used in media in many industries where it can generate income. On the other hand, it has created negative trends as well. There are many ways to find a middle ground between technology and humans. One such approach is to create inspiration from AI creations.

So how does AI work to create artistic images?

The creation of art by AI comes from using text-to-image methods, using data from many data sets from images, artwork, articles, and others to process and learn to create art from the obtained data sets. receive By applying the structure or modifying the elements to be able to create artistic images. Or follow the assigned commands in the form of the Prompt message itself.

Using AI to inspire

-Helps in sketching

AI tools have learned and analyzed the anatomy of the human body. (except the hands...) which can be used as inspiration for designing gestures or to see the preliminary angle of view or recommend solutions You can also develop your skills in the future.

-Helps in choosing color tones

With the ability of AI to help determine the colors in the image look better. Can advise on coloring. Techniques for placing light and shadow or set design

-Create a character

Creating characters using AI tools, can give you a rough idea. of the desired character You can issue text commands to have the AI ​​create an image of the concept in your mind. before actually drawing

-Create a background scene

AI can help design backgrounds from different perspectives. You can also experiment with placing characters in different scenes.

-Image composition

AI can design picture elements to be balanced. Can stand out in the picture

So are there any interesting AI tools?

1. Comicsmaker

An AI tool platform that can create manga. or comics from AI with speech bubbles Design characters or scenes in different styles, arrange poses, create layouts, and draw from what we have sketched. and add prop elements to the image With Text - To - Image functionality, you can try it for free. and credit top-up plans start at $5 per 1,000 credits.

2. Comicai from

The platform helps create comics in 4 easy steps, Text -To - Image, that can create characters and scenes that are consistent throughout the scene. There are layout templates. A bouquet of words and effects within the image Usage will be a credit system. You can use 1,200 credits for free and add additional credits starting at $3 or weekly at $15 for 4,500 credits.

3.AI Comic Factory

An AI tool platform that can help plan the course of action by issuing Text-to-image commands to the AI ​​to create images according to the grid lines that have been defined. But in the free version, there are quite a few limitations. If you want to use additional tools, you'll need a monthly subscription for $9.99 per month.

4. Fantoons

An AI platform designed to create various famous characters. You can choose the style of the image, the atmosphere of the image, and add text boxes within the image. But it cannot be arranged like other tools. Which can be used for free but the capabilities are not very diverse.

5.WriteCream AI Comic Generator

An AI tool that can help create a story guide in 3 steps. Supports many languages, including Thai. A free trial with limited characters is available and a monthly subscription is available for $15.

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