Humans and AI living together in society

2024-05-10 01:34:44

When AI becomes a part of society, it creates opportunities and challenges in developing tens of thousands of new AI models. Fostering a dynamic that can be directed in a positive direction. With careful management and allowance for future adjustments, The guidelines for using AI can be applied in many ways, such as:

Collaborate and increase efficiency

-Complementary Abilities are that the AI ​​system can process and analyze data at a speed and at a scale that is beyond human ability.

-Augmentation is the use of AI technology to enhance human abilities. By helping in various areas, whether it be medicine, education, or steps in case analysis, etc.

Economic and Social

-Job Transformation is AI coming to manage the labor market more. Helps work more comfortably and helps in devising educational programs, training, and increasing individual potential in real-time

-Social Benefits: AI has the potential to address complex social challenges, such as improving healthcare outcomes. Increasing accessibility for people with disabilities and participation in solving climate change problems

Ethics and Governance

-Ethical AI Use is the ethical use of AI to protect data privacy. and transparency of the AI ​​system, with discussions in setting policies and requirements between developers guideline setters and the public

-Global Governance, which is creating international agreement standards regarding the use of AI technology, can help manage the risks of this technology.

Challenges and risks

-Bias and Discrimination: AI systems can neutralize or exacerbate biases present in the training dataset. Care must be taken to cover all groups to reduce bias.

-Security Risks: AI systems may be vulnerable to hacking and misuse. Including the creation of Deepface and automatic weapons. which must give great importance to safety

Collaboration between AI and humans today may not be inevitable. The focus is on shaping coexistence in a way that maximizes benefits and minimizes risks. So that the collaboration of AI and humans can work together in many areas and also increase the ability of humans to work more.

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