Top 10 AI Basic Blogging Platforms of 2024

2024-05-16 05:33:24

There is always research and applications that use AI to drive new launches. that shows rapid development It is interesting to follow the development of AI research. There are many bloggers who have published knowledge about this technology, both basic and in-depth, so that people can come and gain knowledge. From blogs with basic blogging content to interesting research.

This ranking is based on Vinish Kapoor's rankings published on the Medium website, with quality content being the criteria for ranking. Publishing is prioritized and the content is valuable, covering both the development and capabilities of AI models.

1.OpenAI Blog

The website publishes news from OpenAI, one of the world's top AI model research companies, and its blog aims to highlight the long-term impact of advanced technology. It dives into topics from model releases like CLIP and DALL-E to the technical details of supervised learning. In addition, new models of the company have also been updated.

2. Analytics Vidhya

A community of researchers and developers with forums, academic events, and more, with a rich blog. Covers a wide range of topics Popular categories include Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms, Deep Learning Techniques, NLP, Computer Vision. business analysis and interviews The content is created by bloggers who come to write in various fields and related professions.


A perspective sharing platform on the advancements and applications of machine learning (ML), Founder Anthropic aims to disseminate data science knowledge to solve problems across industries. The blogger will write in depth about the algorithm development project and much more.


A platform to disseminate information about data science and machine learning: the platform has been in existence for more than 20 years and publishes blogs in various categories, including analytical articles, recommended articles, news, and more.

5.AI Parabellum

Platform focused on business and creative applications Experts provide in-depth analysis of products in various domains. From text generation to computer vision It contains information on techniques and limitations covering ML, AI ethics, and more.

6.Tensorflow Blog

Another website that publishes news from top machine learning (ML) frameworks, Tensorflow's extensive community provides comprehensive information. As a result, the blog has detailed information, case studies, and announcements.

Additionally, a recent tutorial unpacks reinforcement learning,CNN for computer vision tasks. and the level of abstraction within TensorFlow Extended. Interviews provide an insider's view on everything from model deployment to research. Contributors range from Google engineers to external developers, universities, and startups.

7.UC Berkeley

The website publishes AI advances posted by deep reinforcement learning researchers. Self-supervised model natural language processing, etc. Developments such as CausalWorld, Concept Bottleneck and Equivalent Adversarial Perturbation are presented in accessible language alongside impressive results. In addition to new techniques Interviews and stories It also reveals the university's dynamic research culture. For those who are interested

8.AWS Machine Learning Blog

A website from a machine learning (ML) provider. Inside content on how to leverage the infrastructure covers everything from cloud migration to computer vision best practices, natural language, Deep dive exploring frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and SageMaker, among others.

9. Machine Learning Research by Apple

A website that shares insights into the power of ML behind Apple products like iPhone and Siri, with detailed information covering topics such as intelligence in devices and computer vision applications. Behind-the-scenes profiles offer a personal look at the path and daily responsibilities of an Apple researcher on the Lightweight Tensorflow.js experiment. Provides additional code-based learning

10.MIT News Topic AI by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A website that publishes information from world-renowned STEM research universities. It will publish research results that can expand the scope of knowledge in AI. It will also serve as a center for news, articles, profiles, and related activities throughout the department. that can be selected according to researchers and laboratories used in various fields

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