AI Telephone: Deutsche Telekom Smartphones are a true helper in everyd

2024-02-20 04:25:16

As companies race to bring AI technology to mobile phones, the technology is still mostly used for tasks like image editing and translation. It has been revealed that companies like Deutsche Telekom will launch smartphones to help with daily life. Apps can help with almost everything. Whether it's entertainment, shopping, or traveling. But many apps can also be a pain. When traveling, accommodations and programs need to be arranged. Until now, this meant visiting apps such as train or flight portals. Hotel booking website or recommended app

Created alongside Qualcomm and, the T Phone promises to act like a digital concierge. Understand all your goals and take care of your needs We've heard similar promises from virtual assistants before, but in this case, the phone doesn't have the app installed.

Deutsche Telekom says this capability is made possible by the phone's native interface powered by, which takes over the functionality of many different apps, performing daily tasks that would normally require installing an app. Many of the devices are on-device, and Deutsche Telekom is also showcasing another version of its AI smartphone powered by the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 reference design. In the high-performance device, AI processing is done on-device. This makes the AI ​​ultra-fast. Save energy and more tailored to each user.

We've seen digital assistants in the past that promised to book tables and flights while doing other tasks just by asking, but the T Phone seems to be much more advanced. And the lack of an app is interesting.

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