Understand TikTok Algoithm 101 to create engaging content with great views.

2024-05-22 11:08:26

How does TikTok's algorithm work?

TikTok's algorithm is powered by AI that learns user behavior such as videos that they watch, like, share, and comment on to create a feed for you or For You (FYF).

Factors affecting TikTok's algorithm

-Clear video quality

-Video integrity

-Participation indicators Whether it's liking, sharing, commenting, or saving.

-Complete video information

-Follow the trend

-Time of use of the app

- Hot content

-User settings

-Settings on the device and account, such as language, country, and device used.

How to make the algorithm more effective

1. The content is reliable and in the same way.

The content of the clip is important in drawing people to stop watching our clip. The content must be relevant to the target group. To increase participation opportunities and in the same direction

2. Experiment with different video formats

Experimenting with creating videos of various genres Follow trends like tutorials, challenges, and storytelling. to keep your videos fresh.

3. Using popular sound plans or effects

The highlight of the TikTok app is that it always has sound effects and sound effects. Using trendy vinyl records will help attract viewers. You can check trends in the TikTok Creative Center in real-time.

4. Participation with the audience

Responding to viewers' comments Or the message sent will help your video get noticed. and see more

5. Consistently

Videos and stories are posted regularly. To maintain the audience base and engagement trends

6. Regularly check and analyze information.

It takes diligence to check the data that TikTok analyzes for creators. that comes from usage behavior and preferences that will help you create content that matches the preferences of your target audience

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